Module 7: Activity Toolkit for Adult Educators: Outstanding women from the past and their European dimension



This module is not a learning unit in the traditional sense, rather it is a collection of activities that we feel will be helpful to the participants of TAG course “Gender, Social and Digital Education for Older Learners” when they start creating their gender-specific education programmes. Of course, these activities are also a valuable addition to any adult education class where gender and gender equity or the role of women in society is a topic.

Some of the exercises are based on the stories of forgotten women in the TAG Handbook Annex I. So make sure you have access via the TAG website to these texts. Some of the activities, however, are simple to include icebreakers while others were also introduced in the previous modules. 


We hope that these activities provide an easy way to integrate ‘gender’ as a topic in your future teaching as well as European values and the stories of impressive women through history!