Session 1 Activity 9

“Save the best for eternity”



30-45 minutes for small group work + 30-45 minutes for intergroup negotiations (optional)



Participants are asked to compare several biographies of exceptional women and select only one – the one which seems to speak best in their opinion about humankind – to be included in a vault that will travel through space to potential alien civilizations.


The activity/ exercise may be used to:

  • develop creativity
  • develop critical thinking
  • develop presentation and argumentation skills
  • stimulate group interaction and facilitate connection
  • facilitate knowledge and experience exchange
  • enhance knowledge about exceptional women and European culture
  • promote social and community values
  • motivate for personal growth and development
  • inspire for further research and debates on European history/ world’s history


The training group is divided into small workgroups (3-5 members). Each group is given a list of exceptional women and their brief biographies, from which they are asked to choose one that best represents in their opinion the essence of humankind (no other criteria are given, because the group will need to find their own arguments to sustain their choice) and that is appropriate to be placed in a vault and travel through space to meet potential alien civilizations.

After the presentations/debates are over, the workgroups are asked to name the difficulties they have encountered in the activity (if any), how they got organized and how they reached a decision, how they felt within their workgroup/during the negotiations in the representatives’ group, what did they learn, etc. 


The activity is applicable to both F2F and online training sessions (most online conferences platforms allow the subdivision of the training group into smaller groups). Also, the activity may be given as homework either to small workgroups – and then use the training session time for the negotiation phase – or to individuals who may be asked to write an essay to argue their choice – and then just use the training session time for presenting their essay. 


Materials & Resources:

  • printed biographies of the exceptional women (Annex I of the handbook)/ internet connection and appropriate devices to access the biographies online;
  • printed instructions.