Our Partners


DomSpain (DS Formacio) is a Training and Consulting Company active on a national and international level. It offers a variety of services to the public and private sectors of Spain and actively participates in international schemes.
The Training department of DomSpain develops educational programmes in four main directions:
● courses for adult learners, including foreign languages, ICT, cookery, dance and personal growth classes
● VET: ICT, foreign languages, employability, work-based learning
● trainings for educators: improving foreign language competences, use of digital tools and new teaching methods
● extracurricular activities for school children and parents, including foreign languages, coding, and internet safety
The company provides both face-to-face and online classes.
The courses and trainings are implemented in our own premises as well as at 6 community centres and 5 schools of the Tarragona province. We employ more than 40 educators and count with around 1400 students each academic year.
DomSpain has a highly qualified IT team that has implemented various national and international projects involving development of educational platforms.

It also focusses on strengthening the capacity of small-sized enterprises and organisations, as well as working on social issues, involving in our activities all community members, including employers and governmental officials at all levels.


DESINCOOP is a services provider cooperative, established in 2005. Its mission is to provide services in the areas of economic, social, educational and cultural initiatives through innovative solutions that meet the needs of people at risk of social exclusion because of their ethnic origin, age, gender and/or disability, its territory, its Cooperators and collaborators. 
The main activities are studies, consultancy, training, elaboration of projects, support for the creation and operation of Proximity Services and other cooperatives, social and cultural interventions in the community, based in the two Desincoop’ strategic vision pillars: the defense of human rights and sustainable development.

Contact person: Luísa Oliveira


Founded in 2013, Les Apprimeurs is a private company specialised in the creation of customized digital solutions for the education, culture and training sectors. We work to promote basic and soft skills and access to knowledge for all through a series of activities: 
● Design and development of enriched digital publications for youth, school and university sectors and cultural and heritage fields. We work both as a publisher for our own books and as a service provider for institutions and publishing companies.
● Digital and educational projects development aiming at providing innovative reading, learning and creative solutions, with a special focus on accessible digital tools and contents. We are involved in several European projects as coordinator and partners.
● Workshops implementation around new publication technologies to encourage their appropriation by audiences with little or no access: workshop around the code, workshop around the writing of digital books, etc.
● Training in digital project management and digital book production for professionals and students both at university & schools.

ATFCT, Romania

ATFCT trains and supervises professionals working in the field of psychology, pedagogy, medicine, social assistance, education.
It offers psychological, psychotherapeutic, and educational assistance to persons in need (individuals and groups), as well as expertise in the afore mentioned fields. 
ATFCT’s experts keep training sessions, workshops, conferences, and seminars on various psychology related topics, both for professionals and for the public.
The specialized interventions carried out by our experts –  psychologists, psychotherapists, pedagogues, and trainers – are tailored for individual, family, and couple difficulties, as well as systemic interventions in conflict situations.
ATFCT activates in several European funded projects as coordinator or partner.

Slovenian Third Age University, Slovenia

Slovenian Third Age University (Slovenska univerza za tretje življenjsko obdobje) is an umbrella organisation and a national network enabling older people to experience personal growth, start a new carrier and remain included in society. Since 1984, Slovenian Third Age University has grown to become a network of currently 55 universities all over Slovenia with more than 21 000 students, 1000 mentors and 1000 volunteers. Back in 1984, it started building socially engaged education and socially engaged art leading to better local development and innovative social practices that enhance older people’s personal life and life in community.

Slovenian U3A’s major fields of activities are: education for different groups of older people, education of experts in the field of adult education, geragogy and social gerontology as well as volunteering in culture. It encompasses a resource centre specialized in older adult education and other issues concerning older people. It is specialized in research and development of tailor-made educational programmes for older people, public campaigning, international trainings, etc. It has its own Institute of dyslexia focused on the advantages of specific learning difficulties in children, adults and older adults.

So far it has been engaged in more than 30 EU, national and other projects all in the field of older adult education, intergenerational learning, local community and its other research areas or andragogic interventions, dyslexia, online education, etc. It is a member of international organisations ESREA, EURAG, and co-founder of DANET, etc.

In Slovenian U3A’s view, education in later life is a way to prevent social exclusion, a way of decent and contributing living in later life. It is also a way towards achieving greater social fairness on a distributive, cultural and symbolic level (stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination). It enables older people to be active, seen and heard.

Associazione N.E.T., Italy

The Associazione N.E.T. is a not for profit association founded in 2001 by experts of the training and educational sector. Net addresses above all disadvantaged people like women, long term unemployed, elderly, disabled people and single parents to support them from a social, training and employment point of view. The association is very active at local and regional level by collaborating with public organisations and institutions like Regions, Municipalities, Local Health Units (ULSS), Universities, Chambers of Commerce but not only. Associazione N.E.T. is very active in the third sector to develop self sustainable and fair activities and to develop a sustainable economy through micro credit by collaborating with cooperatives and associations of the private sector that in Italy substitute the public sector in many situations.
Associazione N.E.T. aims at contributing to the local and regional development by organising activities and developing sustainable community projects and programmes. Recently the Association is trying to go towards fair and sustainable type of activities developing innovative actions and supporting new ideas. New objectives relates to:
– Fair self entrepreneurship
– Environment
– Organic/biodynamic agricolture
– Healthy cooking and eating
– Sustainable tourism
Associazione N.E.T. belongs to 2 important networks, one at European level and the second one at national level:
1. I care network – the widest network of charity associations and organisations in Italy. http://www.icare-italia.org/. Member since 2015
2. MAG (Mutual Organisation for self management) supporting at national level Associations, cooperatives and organisations belonging to the third
sector. Dealing above all with Fair Finance and microcredit. Member since 2001.

WISAMAR, Germany

Wisamar is an accredited, non-profit education provider founded in 2005. With a motivated team of 12, we work in in different areas of further education and training, including integration and language classes, project management, and EU Mobility.
We can look back on more than 500 successfully conducted mobility programs and over 50 projects aiming at the development or the transfer of innovations, and we are happy to share our expertise, for example as regional mobility information desk for the German National Agency.