Session 1 Activity 6

Joanna the Mad: Discussion


20-25 min



In this face-to-face activity, the learners are suggested a set of questions for an open discussion based on the life story of Joanna the Mad from the biography in the TAG Handbook Annex I.


Materials & Resources:

Questions for group discussion:


  1. Would you like to live in the epoch of Juana la loca? Maybe if you were a queen? Explain why!
  2. Do you think her life circumstances, like family members’ deaths and her husband’s betrayal, could justify her “out of norms”- behaviour at those times?
  3. Do we tend to stigmatize people as “insane” if they act and behave differently due to some illness such as depression, for example, or simply when they express their feelings in a different way?
  4. What should a woman’s reaction to cheating or betrayal be if she doesn’t want to be called mad?