Session 1 Activity 8

Read the news!



Approximately 20 min group work + 20 min discussion



This activity wants to help learners discuss the topic of gender or age stereotypes. The goal is to

  • identify and analyze gender role and/or age stereotypes
  • compare points of view about stereotypes
  • investigate participants’ perception about gender and/or age stereotypes 


Learners will be divided in groups, up to 4 participants per group. Each group will be given a set of newspaper cuts (mainly titles or short articles). Each group will go through the titles and articles to spot whether the language or expressions used contain any type of stereotypes to identify stereotypical media expressions. When they spot something, they highlight it and glue the newspaper cut to an empty sheet of paper. The results of the group work will be shown to other groups, analyzed and discussed.


Possible points to focus the discussion on:

  • Do the results look the same on the paper? 
  • Were the same stereotypes spotted? 
  • Which stereotypes were more familiar than others? 
  • Did the learners in a group always agree with group members?
  • What are learners’ feelings at the end of this activity?


Materials & Resources:

room, chairs and tables

newspaper cuts

big paper sheets