Session 1 Activity 12

Zora Janžeković, a lifetime for medicine



45 minutes



This activity is based on the biography of Zora Janžeković from the TAG Handbook Annex I. The goal of the activity is for participants 

  • to become familiar with social and political situation during Zora Janžeković’s lifetime
  • to become familiar with the consequences of a patriarchal society
  • to become aware of gender inequalities in women’s professional life
  • to think about gender inequalities in other areas of public or personal life
  • to compare situations determining women’s and men’s life and relationships


First, the learners read the text carefully and underline what seems interesting to them about Zora Janžeković. The group then discusses the social and political situation in her young years. Possible questions to address are: 

  • Who acted as a significant adult in her life?
  • Describe her character as it appears in the text. Which five positive qualities apply to her. Describe your reasons for choosing them: 
    kind, gentle, strong, resilient, caring, assertive, hard-working, reliable, honest, practical, responsible, loyal, mature, creative, capable, patient, thoughtful, shows initiative, motivated, versatile, problem solver
  • Discuss the gender inequalities as described in the text. Compare the past with the present situation. Any progress?
  •  What were Zora Janžekoviče’s achievements? Describe them!
  • Identify the most evident positive or negative aspects about her professional career. For example:
    Positive aspects: She became enthusiastic about medicine observing a local doctor at work. As a student doctor she performed a surgery nobody else could  at that particular moment and she got on board of a renowned team of surgeons.
    Negative aspects: Public opinion was not in favour of female surgeons.


At the end of the discussion, let each of the participants say what is their „take away” from the activity and how they can better their own life to overcome gender inequalities.


Materials & Resources:

Biography of Zora Janžeković from the TAG Handbook Annex I

handouts, web newspaper clips