Session 1 Activity 9 a

“Fantastic Fast”



30 minutes for group work + 7 minutes for each group presentation (35 minutes for 5 workgroups)



Participants should create small workgroups and choose/ get assigned a name from a list with exceptional women, about which they need to document and deliver a Pecha Kucha presentation.  


The activity/ exercise may be used to:

  • develop digital skills;
  • develop presentation skills;
  • stimulate group interaction and facilitate connection;
  • facilitate knowledge and experience exchange;
  • enhance knowledge about exceptional women and European culture;
  • promote social and community values;
  • motivate for personal growth and development;
  • inspire for further research on European history.


Pecha Kucha is a very dinamic type of presentation in which 20 photos and 20 sentences are included in 20 PPT slides, each shown/ discussed for 20 seconds. The training group is divided in small workgroups (3-5 members). Each group is given the name of an exceptional woman and 30 minutes to document about her and to create a Pecha Kucha presentation that they need to deliver in the training group.  After the presentations are delivered, the workgroups are asked to name the difficulties they have encountered in the activity (if any), how they have got organized and contributed to the final product, how they felt within their workgroup/ during their presentations, what drew their attention etc. (the debriefing phase is conducted accordingly to the learning objectives chosen for the training group).


The activity is applicable to both F2F and online training sessions (most online conferences platforms allow the subdivision of the training group into smaller groups). Also, the preparation of the presentations may be given as homework either to small workgroups or to individuals and just use the session time for delivering the presentations. 


Materials & Resources:

  • printed biographies of the exceptional women (Annex I of the handbook)/ internet connection and appropriate devices to access the biographies online;
  • printed instructions/ information about the Pecha Kucha format presentations;
  • access to laptops/ tablets/ smartphones for each workgroup for creating the presentations;
  • laptop, video-projector for delivering the presentations.