Session 1 Activity 11

Who Said It?



15-30 minutes, depending on whether a follow-up discussion is useful or necessary



Participants match names with quotes on female participation in politics and society, or female empowerment in general. The exercise aims at increasing awareness for gender in politics and society, for 

participants’ own gender bias, and for gender bias and female empowerment on an international level. Additionally, it increases the knowledge about female politicians or influential women.

In a face-to-face activity: The trainer explains the objective (match name and quote) to the learners. On the board, the group matches the names with the quotes. They then explain and discuss the quote. This activity can also be implemented as a competition between 2 groups (the group with the most matches wins).

Through a discussion at the end of the activity, the learners can reflect on their own awareness of gender in politics and their own gender bias. Depending on the group and the context in which this activity is implemented, the trainer may lead the discussion by asking questions such as: „Were you surprised by the outcome?” „How many female politicians did you know?” „Do you agree with this/that statement? Why (not)?”

As an online exercise, the participants use an online activity (see below) to match the names and the quotes on the TAG website. The educator instructs them to think about the following questions after reading the quote:

  • Who do you think said this? A man or a woman?
  • Why do you think it was a man or a woman?
  • Do you know who said this?
  • What does the quote tell us about the situation of the person?
  • What role does he/she have?
  • Are you surprised by who said this? Why (not?)
  • Do you agree with the statement? Why (not)?


Materials & Resources:

Face-to-face activity: List of quotes (note: bold font indicates correct answer)

Online activity: exercise on the TAG website