Session 1 Activity 10

Who am I?



30 minutes, depending on number of biographies and whether there is a follow-up discussion



The aim of this activity is getting to know ‘forgotten’ women of Europe, to raise awareness for the contributions of women to society and for the biased way of telling history.

For face-to-face implementation, the educator either reads out the biographies to the entire group and lets the participants guess, or distributes the biographies to the learners who then get some time to ponder who ‘their’ biography refers to. Participants can also work on this as a group.

For online implementation: Use the multiple choice quiz on this website (see below) with the short biographies. Users can guess multiple times. You can also create your own quiz. In that case, if possible, include a picture of the person (avoid copyright violation!) and link to further information.

Discuss with the learners the outcomes of their guessing. Possible discussion questions are:

  • Do you know the woman in the biography?
  • Can you relate, on any level, to this woman?
  • Why do you think she is not well known? Or if she is: Why do you think she became famous? Because of her gender or despite it? Did gender have anything to do with it at all?
  • How do her achievements influence today’s society/education/…?
  • What does the story tell us about how history is written?
  • What can you personally learn from the story?
  • How does the story connect to other biographies discussed in class? Is there an overarching theme?


Materials & Resources:

Face-to-face activity: List of short biographies (open)

Online:multiple choice quiz on TAG website or own quiz