Session 1 Activity 14

Angela Vode, a militant for women’s rights



45 minutes



The objectives of this activity are for participants

  • to get familiar with social and political situation during Angela Vode’s lifetime
  • to become aware  of gender inequalities
  • to think about  gender inequalities in areas of  public or personal life


The learners read the text carefully and underline what seems interesting to them about Angela Vode. In the group, they discuss the social and political situation in her young years and later. Possible discussion questions:

  • Do you think that her social origins impacted her militantism? If yes, why and how?
  • How did her role of a social activist influence her personal life?
  • Which gender inequalities she wanted to overcome?
  • Did Angela  and other militant women of her time achieve anything for themselves?  If yes, what did they achieve for future generations of women?


For example, learners may identify the most evident positive or negative aspects about Vode’s professional career.

Positive aspect: Her oppressed situation made her enroll in further studies.

Negative aspect: She was excluded from the communist party because she opposed  other members and wanted them to show more determination concerning Stalin.

At the end of the discussion, let each of the participants say what  is their „take away” from the activity and how   they could better their own life to overcome gender inequalities.


Materials & Resources:

Angela Vode’s biography in the TAG Handbook Annex I

handouts, web newspaper clips