Module 1 Introduction: Promoting active ageing and European values through lifelong learning



In the module learners will become familiar with the concepts of active ageing and lifelong learning through brainstorming and discussions. The educator will moderate the flow of thoughts, thus enabling participants to express their point of view.

The face-to-face session will permit participants to get to know each other in person and will also boost cooperation for the next activities. 

Apart from the introduction of the topics of active aging and lifelong learning, this module also lays the basis for all following modules of the course. It is therefore intended to be straightforward and comprehensive.


Learning Outcomes: 

  • Knowledge

Participants will know about the importance of lifelong learning in the process of active ageing.

Participants will know about the importance of European values for older learners and educational programmes for them.

  • Skills

Participants will be able to recognize what educational programmes and actions are beneficial for the promotion of active ageing.

Participants will be able to include European values in their education programmes promoting active ageing.

  • Competences

Participants will be able to identify their educational needs and use the acquired knowledge to foster active ageing.



2.5 hours 

Session 1: 60 min face to face 

Session 2: 45 min online

Session 3: 45 min online

Presentation and discussion: Active ageing and lifelong learning. 


60 min

This session provides an overview on the meaning of active ageing, its definitions, synonyms and the engagement with this topic on a European level by giving examples of initiatives in the field. It will further outline EU values and contextualize them in regards to lifelong learning. The session finishes with a common brainstorming about the main knowledge acquired during the session. 


Learning Objectives:

Learners will be able to:

  • understand the concept of active ageing
  • adapt and promote the knowledge of active ageing to own group of learners
  • recognize EU values 
  • understand the importance of lifelong learning
  • offer customized educational options to own study group, based on the acquired knowledge about LLL and active ageing



The educator will present materials to the participants and will encourage discussion and exchange of knowledge among them. 


Content (Type of activities list & small description):

15 min icebreaking activity and warm up 

20 min presentation of contents (use content materials)

10 min activity: brainstorming of the main topics of the session (Activity 1)

5 min interactive quiz (Activity 2)

Workshop and presentation: The pillars of successful active ageing


45 min

This is an online session and will lead participants to imagine how to promote active ageing in their communities. The work will be done in two  steps: first, the participants work in small groups and subsequently do a presentation of their work. 


Learning Objectives:

Learners will be able to:

  • analyze the needs of their community/region 
  • highlight the most important goals in their group 
  • define what measures should be implemented or considered to better orientate their communities towards active ageing 



The educator will work as an external facilitator for learners to work on their own. In the platform that is used for the online session, different ‘rooms’ of 3-4 participants should be created.


Content (Type of activities list & small description):

5 min recap of session 1

20 min: online workshop with small working groups (Activity 1)

15 min: presentation of the groups’ work (Activity 2)

5 min: online quiz (Activity 3)

Best practice presentation through websites


45 min


This is an online session. The educator will present three best practices from different countries in Europe. 


Learning Objectives:

The participants will be familiar with different projects around active ageing in Europe and different options of action to promote this topic. 


The educator will project the provided websites or online articles and read/discuss them with learners through a word cloud created on a tool such as


Content (Type of activities list & small description):

5 min recap of session 2

25 min best practice presentation (Activity 1)

15 min wrap-up: Exchange of feelings and ideas for the future through word cloud. (Activity 2)