Session 2 Activity 1

Workshop: The pillars of successful active ageing 


20 min



This is an online session which enables participants to envision ways of how to promote active ageing in their communities. Create separate ‘rooms’ on the online platform you want to use. Participants are divided into small groups of 3-4 participants. The aim of the participants of these work groups will be to write the pillars for the correct promotion of active ageing and the possible future scenario of a more engaged society. One person in each room/group will write a simple document (word, power point, other presentation tools if known) and share the screen so that other participants can see what the whole group is putting together.



  • needs/desires
  • regional offers
  • possibilities/obstacles
  • resources
  • consequences/impact


Materials & Resources:


Internet connection

Tablets or computers for all participants



Soft skills such as

  • team work
  • active listening
  • empathy
  • public speaking