Session 1 Activity 1

Brainstorming: What can we learn from this session?


15 min



Following the presentation of the module contents, the learning group will brainstorm together to create a group atmosphere, to encourage self-reflection and mutual exchange among participants. Participants go through the covered topics and are free to express their feelings about it or to ask questions.


Suggested questions for the educator:


  • What concept did interest you the most?
  • What was the most surprising thing you heard today? Or were there no surprises?
  • What concept would you like to deepen and/or engage with more in your learning sessions?
  • Do you think our target group could be interested in these topics? Why yes/no?
  • How do you think you could engage your learners in these topics?

Online option: In an online environment, the trainer goes through the suggested questions or creates new ones and asks the participants to interact and answer by letting them choose the question they would like to answer.


Materials & Resources:

Resources needed here are most of all soft skills such as:

  • active listening
  • public speaking
  • team work
  • capability of synthesis



Paper and pens could be useful to take notes. If needed by the educator, a flipchart and markers could be useful to write down main concepts.