Session 1 Activity 2

Experiential exercise “Labels”


35 min.



Learners are asked to reflect upon experiences in which people have labeled them (with positive or negative attributes) and write down on post-its all these labels they were tagged with. Then, on post-its of a different colour they should write down attributes they use to refer to themselves (both positive and negative). Afterwards they are supposed to stick all those post-its on themselves and discuss the feelings they have while being labeled in a certain way. 

Consecutively, they are asked to think about the reality of those labels and keep just those that they really want or need and destroy the rest (they might decide to keep just the real ones or also those they would like to be true – in the last case, these attributes will become personal development objectives). 

Finally, the learners should be able to argue how do the labels they have kept help them in everyday life and what other attributes they envision for themselves (objectives for personal development).

This reflection exercise may also be used as a self-study assignment, with the help of the online interactive presentation from the learning platform (see the link below). At the end of the online interactive presentation is also included an image with many positive attributes to choose from, which can be printed and used as a worksheet.


Materials & Resources:

Post-its of different colors, markers, the file Module 4_Content, the Handbook.

Access to the learning platform (for the online interactive activity: Labels)