Session 1 Activity 2

Focused discussion: The specificity of old age


30 min.


Start a group discussion starting with the questions: “Which of your personal resources do you think will change at older age?” (Most people will not perceive significant changes in their personal resources at older age), and “How will you describe yourself at old age?”.

Make use of the information available in the content section of Module 2 and present it to the group. Discuss the cognitive and emotional strong points of older age and point out that older people have a lot of personal resources and that the way we perceive ourselves and the way others perceive us while getting older creates the setting for the way we get old. 

At the end of the focused discussion or as a self-study assignment, an online interactive activity (“The Strong Points of Old Age” see the exercise below) can be done as a way to check understanding or consolidate learning. The exercise is based on the strong points of old age, both from a cognitive and emotional point of view, as presented in the content section of this module. Some of the key words from the text are removed and put in a list, from which the learners are asked to drag and drop them in the correct positions. Learners may check their answers and get a score and feedback for it at the end. Unlimited number of retrials are permitted.

Materials & Resources:

laptop + video-projector/ whiteboard + markers/ flipchart + markers

The file Module 2_Content

Access to the learning platform (for the online interactive activity: The Strong Points of Old Age)