Session 2 Activity 2

Focused discussion about gender roles


30 min.


Focused discussion about the gender roles on the basis of the image ”10 examples of harmful traditional gendered roles” (the support pdf file below). Participants are also required to provide examples of gendered roles themselves. Gender discrimination and gender equality should be terms defined and explained.

At the end of the discussions, the learners are asked to imagine how the world in which men and women are equal should look like (they can draw it, or create a poetry about it etc.).

At the end of the focused discussion or as a self-study assignment, an online interactive activity (“Drag and drop the images”, see the exercise below) can be done as a way to check understanding or consolidate learning. There are some examples of harmful traditional gendered roles taken from the image mentioned above, which need to be paired with the correct image, by dragging and dropping. Learners may check their answers and get a score and feedback for it at the end. Unlimited number of retrials is permitted.

Materials & Resources:

Laptop, webcam, internet connection, access to learning platform, access to Zoom

The file (pdf) Module 4_Session 2_Activity 2