Session 2 Activity 1



as long as needed



Split students into pairs. In face to face sessions handouts featuring photos of older women and men are to be laid on a table. Students walk around the table and pick up a picture of an old woman/old man depending on their gender. The number of photos picturing the two genders should equal at least the number of female and male students. The photos can be duplicated and students can eventually choose the same picture if the number of photos is not sufficient. The students have a look at the photos and pick up one of them. They explain the reasons of their choice to their neighbour. Educator walking around makes comments highlighting the gender otherness and the right of women and men to be different and equal.

No. 1 - Milena (94), photo: Iva Gasar
No. 2 - Ana-Maria (79), photo: Janez Marolt
No. 3 - Andrej (72), photo: Janez Marolt
No. 4 - Dubrovko (71), photo: Janez Marolt
No. 5 - Pika (66), photo: Janez Marolt
No. 6 - Vida (82), photo: Janez Marolt
No. 7 - Mira (65), photo: Janez Marolt
No. 8 - Marko (81), photo: Janez Marolt