Session 2 Activity 2

Structured exercise: “Your idea of a safe learning environment in a photo”


30 min.


The participants are asked to choose from a set of photos the one that reflects their opinion about what is or what makes a safe learning environment. Then they discuss their choices. A set of photos – implying different metaphorical concepts – are available online on the learning platform (see the access to the photos below), but any set of metaphorical images may be used for this activity.

The exercise will be the starting point for a focused discussion about practical ways of creating a safe learning environment which promotes trust and development. Use the information available in the content of Module 2 and present it to the group. 

At the end of the focused discussion or as a self-study assignment, an online interactive activity ( see the access to the online activity “ How to Create a Safe Space for Learning and Growth” below) can be used as a way to consolidate learning: The practical information about how to facilitate the creation of a safe learning environment for older people is taken from the content section of the module and presented on double sided cards, which the learners will have to click and turn in order to see the whole text. The cards are shuffled in every attempt. Unlimited number of retrials are permitted.

Materials & Resources:

Laptop, webcam, internet connection, access to Zoom

The file Module 2_Content

Access to the photos online

Access to the learning platform for the online activity: How to Create a Safe Space for Learning and Growth